Tbh I’m afraid to go to Portland. I’ve heard bad things about it and everyone who lives there, including its local squirrels and mushrooms, no offense.

What if I get attacked by a gang of kombucha homebrewers? What if a young tattooed couple hits me with their $1400 baby stroller? What if someone hands me a hempen flyer for a Christian hot yoga meetup? It’s too dangerous.

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As a university tutor in my hometown, a city which is roughly 40% black and 37% white, I still had students asking me, “Do they just never learn how to talk right?” I pull up a chair when this happens, “Listen up, gang.” So what do I tell them? Well, the goal is to convey that, scientifically speaking, non-standard varieties of English such as the English spoken by Rachel Jeantel and the ‘proper English’ they’ve been taught are equally communicative. I go over the differences and point out that both have a rule system that must be followed to speak convincingly.

But then, I don’t see why there should need to be that justification. So I end up trying to teach respect. If they have a student that speaks a non-standard variety of English, they need to understand that that student is therefore competent in understanding at least two versions of English: the version they speak at home and other safe environments, and the one forced upon them when listening to you. Respect that.

The alarmingly pervasive idea that standard English equates to ‘good grammar’ and non-standard English equates to ‘bad grammar’ is false and exclusionary. When it’s used in conjunction with intelligence and credibility of a young black woman, it’s reminiscent of the faulty scientific racism of “The Bell Curve.” But language shaming is currently acceptable behavior in the status quo. It is one of the last bastions of unabashed racism and classism.

Title: Things We Lost In The Fire Artist: Bastille 85.685 Mal abgespielt


Bastille - Things We Lost in the Fire

The future’s in our hands and we
                   will never be the same again

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i know that we were all taught in school that mlk jr used PEACE AND LOVE and malcolm x fought with VIOLENCE AND RAGE and thats why we should all be like mlk and not big bad malcolm x but at a certain point you have to realize thats nothing but a sweet white liberal fairy tale and a total misunderstanding of the political actions of both of those important figures and its time for us all to grow the fuck up

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“See?” she continued. “I’m fishing right now! This is what fishing looks like, I’m pretty sure,” she continued, cracking the thick, leather fishing line like in that popular and heartwarming series of adventure movies about a wisecracking archaeologist who comically destroys countless important artifacts under the hilarious misapprehension that they belong in his museum rather than in the religious sites of the cultures that made them.

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Friendly reminder that K A Applegate had anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-nonbinary gender, pro-nonbinary sexuality, pro-environmental, and pro-tolerance messages in a book series aimed at children. She also encouraged readers to appreciate the goods things in their lives, find constructive ways to fight the bad things, and take comfort and courage from those quiet moments where everyone else thinks you’re defeated. She also also portrayed multiple religions respectfully and accurately. And if you don’t think that’s awesome, you can just get on out of my face.

And considering how violent Animorphs is, she depicted it in such a way that wasn’t glorified, but awful and terrifying and it affected the characters realistically - they experience guilt, PTSD, nightmares, adrenaline addiction, and depression at some point in the series.

#but not all the ghost writers got the memo

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Single serving Comunion

jesus 2 go 

prepackaged and processed for your sins 

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yesterday i worked 12 hours
today i worked 11 hours
thursday i will work 10 hours

if i don’t get overtime this next check
what is the point


shout out 2 everyone who is tryin to fight the creeping sense of dread w temporal things

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